Friday, March 12, 2010

keris Lombok...luk 9

overall length : 57 Cm
Length blade/bilah : 38.5 Cm
Length of handle/hilt : 12 Cm
Type of blade : luk (not stright)
Type of wood : Berora Pelet / Timoho with triple varian motif.
Type of handle/hilt : Bondolan
Type of scabbard : Gayaman model
Pamor/motive of blade : un-identify

Selut / Ower-ower : equipped after repaired (ring on pesi)

Description :
As other kind of traditional weapon, this model related on an ancient legal attribute of Sasak's troops kingdom. Very simply model without many kind of lux accessory. It named with Gayaman model for all structure of sheath. Hilt is rather big size suitable for big palm, which welknown as soldier's handle modelling, beside other hilt model said as Cekahan. Bondolan type is more smooth model, while a Cekahan have an unique rigging's pattern.

The scabbard is made by Timoho wood, local people named as Berora Pelet. Pelet means as wooden motive. Very ancient and rarest, nowadays it's really hard to find, not just in local forest, but also in Indonesia's jungle surround. As believing on some people they trust on timoho/berora has a specific quality or virtue, even philosophy charisma's value. Difference level status on wooden's class. As a result the spesial pattern of natural tatto on it contained. High grade on crisses circumstance.

The pattern of blade/pamor is un-identified. They said as pamor tiban. Blade motive that made cause of un-intentionally, without planning pattern on processing creaty. Mixture of material steel and Nickel, it could be also mix-match with a meteorit. Very unique and stylish metalurgy pressed anatomy. Like other said, these are a simply shape a molekul nano-technology which actually has been progress on the past-time, developing by an accidently by black-smith. of Indonesia's ancestors. Long time ago....,

Next Point : This cris has been restoration. It likes a re-born phenomenon. If interest follow the next posting. Track link HERE.

NOW... watch detailed of blade motive.....

standing position
it shows this Keris have very focus vertical-balancing of foothold
also compare with the weight of Warangka,
it doesn't need lean on other part of something,like a wall,

compare with the stand of it
(other Sulawesi's Keris)


gaya pendekar Lombok era bahula menyandang keris...
lukisan berasal dari foto lama stok Museum Tropen - Leiden

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